HomevisionXL plugins

User written extensions

Users can customize the capabilities of the program by loading one or more plugins. A plugin is a Tcl script that has access to HomeVision data and functions in addition to all standard Tcl commands. The additional HomeVision Tcl procedures are described on the plugin API page. There are a number of example plugins available from the download page.

Web server plugin

The web server is a typical example of functionality that users may want to customize to fit their taste and needs. The web server has been implemented as a plugin, giving the user full control over its functionality.

Plugin wizard

To make installing a plugin really easy, HomeVisionXL comes with a Plugin Wizard. The wizard will present a list of available plugins and allow the user the select which ones they want to install.

Plug-in selection

Subsequently the user can choose where the plugin should be installed. The wizard will present a list with all locations where HomeVisionXL will look for plugins. Locations where the user doesn't have write permissions will be listed, but the button will be disabled.

In addition there's a possibility to place the plugin in another location, but that option is only for special situations and should not normally be selected.

In the final step the Wizard will download and install the selected plugins.

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