Shutdown Plug-in

At times it may be desirable to be able to shut down the computer that runs HomeVisionXL from within the Homevision schedule. The shutdown plug-in provides this functionality.

The methods for shutting down a machine differ greatly between operating systems, and even desktop environments. The shutdown plug-in knows how to accomplish the task on Windows, Mac OSX, and both the KDE and Gnome desktops on linux.

The serial command string "shutdown" triggers the plug-in to start shutting down the system. If an audio player plug-in is installed and enabled, the shutdown plug-in will interact with it to allow the current song to finish playing before shutting down the system.

Once the song has finished, HomeVisionXL will terminate, saving any unsaved changes. Next, a dialog is displayed on the screen giving the user a chance to abort the shutdown process. If the user does not click the cancel button within 30 seconds, or if the OK button is clicked, the system will shut down. If the user does click the cancel button, the system will not shut down. However, as indicated, HomeVisionXL itself did terminate, so you may want to restart it.

The plug-in also recognizes the serial command string "restart". When that string is found the same sequence of events happens, only instead of shutting down, the system will reboot.

Last modified: 19 February 2011, 12:35 CET