HomeVisionXL Video Log Tailer Plugin

The Video Log Tailer plugin periodically checks if new messages have been added to the HomeVision video log. The plugin will retreive those messages and append them to the log file on the PC.

On startup the plugin will also compare the log file contents to the video log and append any new messages to the log file. If the last message in the log file has already expired from the video log of the HomeVision controller, the whole video log will be read and appended to the log file.

As long as less than 256 message lines are written to the video log while HomeVisionXL is off line, the plugin will be able to keep an uninterrupted history of all messages written to the video log. This history will allow you to go back in time much further than is possible with the 256 line limit of the HomeVision controller itself.

This plugin is based on an idea by Nigel Mills.

Last modified: 18 September 2005, 17:29 CEST