HomeVisionXL Weather Plug-in

The Weather plug-in was originally intended for use with the control plug-in but has since been expanded to work with the web plug-in to allow for weather info on custom HomeVision web pages, and with the wintts plug-in to allow select current weather data to be spoken. Additionally, some weather data can be sent to certain built-in HomeVision controller weather variables and user-defined variables.

The Weather plug-in supports both current weather and 7-day forecasts. The plug-in supports XML (for U.S. and possessions) and METAR (worldwide coverage) formatted weather data from the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) and XML (worldwide coverage) formatted data from Weatherbug.com.

Summary of Features:

  • Current and/or forecast weather from NWS or Weatherbug.com can be retrieved.
  • Weather station location can be specified by station ID, zip code, city code, or latitude/longitude.
  • Weather information can be passed to the Control plug-in via user-selected control variables which can then be used to display weather on control screens..
  • Weather "icons" are available to provide graphical depictions of current and forecast weather.
  • Temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, and pressure can be passed to the built-in HomeVision controller weather variables while the current weather condition, observation time and day, station ID, and probability of precipitation can be passed to user-defined HomeVision controller variables.
  • User-selected weather data can be spoken using the Wintts plug-in.
  • An interface function is available to pass weather data to other plug-ins, including the Web plug-in.
  • Various formats/units for time, temperature, wind speed and pressure are available.

See the Weather plug-in Help for more details.

Please direct comments, questions, and bug reports to Ron Boston. Suggestions for new features or modifications to existing features are especially welcome.

Last modified: 22 February 2011, 22:48 CET