W800RF32A(E) Plugin

The W800RF32A(E) plugin is a recreation of Bob Gardner's W800RF32A to Homevision Interface Program for use with HomeVisionXL.

When the plugin was initialy created, Bob's program could only be used together with the original HomeVision software due to the use of DDE. Bob indicated he would be happy to adapt his program for use with HomeVisionXL, but because the program is written in Visual Basic that would still only work for windows users.

Bob has been very helpful for bringing about this plugin by providing his notes and the source code of his program.

Please visit Bob Gardner's web page for more information on what the plugin does.

It is also possible to connect the W800RF32A(E) directly to a HomeVision serial port and eliminate the need to have a PC running 24x7. For more information on how that can be done, see the HomeVisionXL wiki.

Last modified: 10 September 2006, 12:10 CEST