HomeVisionXL Infrared Scope Plugin

The Infrared Scope plugin takes advantage of an undocumented feature of the HomeVision controller. Using a serial command the controller can be placed in a mode that will cause it to report the signal durations of each infrared transmission it receives. The plugin converts the duration reports into a graphical representation of the infrared signal.

IR signal

The plugin also provides two measurement cursors. The blue cursor can be placed using the left mouse button, the green cursor using the right mouse button. For each cursor the offset from the start of the signal is displayed. In addition the time difference between the two cursors is displayed.

Warning: While the HomeVision controller is in this detailed infrared signal reporting mode (ie. as long as the plugin is active), it will not act on any received infrared signal. Disabling the plugin will return the controller to normal operation.

Last modified: 30 June 2005, 16:28 CEST