HomeVisionXL Remote Plug-in

The remote plug-in allows other plug-ins to run on a different computer than the computer running HomeVisionXL. The remote plug-in runs as a normal plug-in of HomeVisionXL. The client computer runs a tool called hvplugin. You need the hvplugin executable that matches the operating system of the client computer. This may be different from the operating system of the computer running HomeVisionXL.

Follow these steps to run a plug-in on a client computer:

  1. Start HomeVisionXL and go to the plug-in manager.
  2. If necessary, donwload the remote plug-in and the plug-in you want to run on the client computer.
  3. Enable the remote plug-in. (You don't have to enable the plug-in for the client.)
  4. Open the remote plug-in setup screen (Plugins->Remote->Setup)
  5. Configure the port and interface, if desired, and click "OK".
  6. Save the HomeVisionXL settings, File->Save Settings.
  7. Obtain the remote plug-in client executable from the download page.
  8. Copy the remote plug-in client executable, the HomeVisionXL resource file (homevision.ini or ~/.homevisionrc, depending on your operating system), the client plug-in, and any files the client plug-in may need to the client computer.
  9. Rename the homevision resource file to hvplugin.ini.
  10. Start the remote plug-in client executable on the client computer.
  11. If all is well, the plug-in will start on the client computer. Otherwise a screen will appear giving you the chance to specify the IP address of the server computer and/or the location of the plug-in.
Note: the remote plug-in client has only been tested with the control plug-in.

Last modified: 14 February 2009, 12:08 CET