HomeVisionXL Built-in Images

The ImagePath variable points to the internal virtual directory that contains most of the images used by HomeVisionXL. Since this is a virtual directory you will not be able to access it with the normal tools of your operating system. But from within a HomeVisionXL plug-in the images are accessible like any real file.

General images

add.png19 x 22 add.png
addarrow.png22 x 22 addarrow.png
alarm.png32 x 32 alarm.png
cancel.png22 x 22 cancel.png
change.gif16 x 16 change.gif
checked.gif11 x 11 checked.gif
clear.png32 x 32 clear.png
close.png22 x 22 close.png
configure.png22 x 22 configure.png
contr.png32 x 32 contr.png
copy.png22 x 22 copy.png
cut.png22 x 22 cut.png
date.png32 x 32 date.png
delarrow.png22 x 22 delarrow.png
delay.png32 x 32 delay.png
delete.png22 x 22 delete.png
disabled.gif42 x 11 disabled.gif
diskette.png16 x 16 diskette.png
downarrow.png22 x 22 downarrow.png
download.png22 x 22 download.png
earth.png48 x 48 earth.png
edit.png32 x 32 edit.png
editclear.png22 x 22 editclear.png
empty.gif42 x 11 empty.gif
enabled.gif42 x 11 enabled.gif
exit.png22 x 22 exit.png
filenew.png22 x 22 filenew.png
fileopen.png22 x 22 fileopen.png
filesave.png22 x 22 filesave.png
filesaveas.png22 x 22 filesaveas.png
find.png22 x 22 find.png
flag.png32 x 32 flag.png
folder.gif16 x 16 folder.gif
graph.gif31 x 31 graph.gif
gridctrl.gif31 x 31 gridctrl.gif
help.png22 x 22 help.png
homevisionxl.png20 x 20 homevisionxl.png
homevisionxl48.png48 x 48 homevisionxl48.png
hvload.png32 x 32 hvload.png
ifelse.png32 x 32 ifelse.png
ifthen.png32 x 32 ifthen.png
input.png32 x 32 input.png
ir.png14 x 19 ir.png
irsig.png32 x 32 irsig.png
launch.png22 x 22 launch.png
ledgreen.png12 x 12 ledgreen.png
ledoff.png12 x 12 ledoff.png
ledred.png12 x 12 ledred.png
light.png32 x 32 light.png
log.png32 x 32 log.png
logfile.png22 x 22 logfile.png
mac.png18 x 17 mac.png
macro.png32 x 32 macro.png
magnify.png32 x 32 magnify.png
minus.png32 x 32 minus.png
note.png32 x 32 note.png
notice.png16 x 16 notice.png
ok.png22 x 22 ok.png
output.png32 x 32 output.png
paste.png22 x 22 paste.png
patch.png22 x 22 patch.png
perev.png32 x 32 perev.png
phonecall.gif32 x 32 phonecall.gif
pluginman.png22 x 22 pluginman.png
plus.png32 x 32 plus.png
porthigh.png10 x 31 porthigh.png
portlow.png10 x 31 portlow.png
print.png22 x 22 print.png
pulse.png23 x 18 pulse.png
quickedit.png22 x 22 quickedit.png
redo.png22 x 22 redo.png
reload.png22 x 22 reload.png
remote.png16 x 32 remote.png
removearrow.png22 x 22 removearrow.png
rotate.png22 x 22 rotate.png
run.png32 x 32 run.png
schedule.png22 x 22 schedule.png
schev.png32 x 32 schev.png
selectall.png22 x 22 selectall.png
serial.png32 x 32 serial.png
settings.png22 x 22 settings.png
special.png32 x 32 special.png
thermo.png32 x 32 thermo.png
thermostat.png22 x 22 thermostat.png
tick16.gif16 x 16 tick16.gif
time.png32 x 32 time.png
timer.png32 x 32 timer.png
toolbox.png22 x 22 toolbox.png
unchecked.gif11 x 11 unchecked.gif
undo.png22 x 22 undo.png
uparrow.png22 x 22 uparrow.png
var.png32 x 32 var.png
video.png32 x 32 video.png
wait.png32 x 32 wait.png
warning.png16 x 16 warning.png
x10.png32 x 32 x10.png
x10seq.png64 x 32 x10seq.png
xdisabled.gif16 x 16 xdisabled.gif

X-10 House codes

housea.png housea.png houseb.png houseb.png housec.png housec.png housed.png housed.png
housee.png housee.png housef.png housef.png houseg.png houseg.png househ.png househ.png
housei.png housei.png housej.png housej.png housek.png housek.png housel.png housel.png
housem.png housem.png housen.png housen.png houseo.png houseo.png housep.png housep.png

Video screen characters

char32.gif char32.gif char50.gif char50.gif char68.gif char68.gif char86.gif char86.gif char105.gif char105.gif
char33.gif char33.gif char51.gif char51.gif char69.gif char69.gif char87.gif char87.gif char106.gif char106.gif
char34.gif char34.gif char52.gif char52.gif char70.gif char70.gif char88.gif char88.gif char107.gif char107.gif
char35.gif char35.gif char53.gif char53.gif char71.gif char71.gif char89.gif char89.gif char108.gif char108.gif
char36.gif char36.gif char54.gif char54.gif char72.gif char72.gif char90.gif char90.gif char109.gif char109.gif
char37.gif char37.gif char55.gif char55.gif char73.gif char73.gif char91.gif char91.gif char110.gif char110.gif
char38.gif char38.gif char56.gif char56.gif char74.gif char74.gif char92.gif char92.gif char111.gif char111.gif
char39.gif char39.gif char57.gif char57.gif char75.gif char75.gif char93.gif char93.gif char112.gif char112.gif
char40.gif char40.gif char58.gif char58.gif char76.gif char76.gif char94.gif char94.gif char113.gif char113.gif
char41.gif char41.gif char59.gif char59.gif char77.gif char77.gif char96.gif char96.gif char114.gif char114.gif
char42.gif char42.gif char60.gif char60.gif char78.gif char78.gif char97.gif char97.gif char115.gif char115.gif
char43.gif char43.gif char61.gif char61.gif char79.gif char79.gif char98.gif char98.gif char116.gif char116.gif
char44.gif char44.gif char62.gif char62.gif char80.gif char80.gif char99.gif char99.gif char117.gif char117.gif
char45.gif char45.gif char63.gif char63.gif char81.gif char81.gif char100.gif char100.gif char118.gif char118.gif
char46.gif char46.gif char64.gif char64.gif char82.gif char82.gif char101.gif char101.gif char119.gif char119.gif
char47.gif char47.gif char65.gif char65.gif char83.gif char83.gif char102.gif char102.gif char120.gif char120.gif
char48.gif char48.gif char66.gif char66.gif char84.gif char84.gif char103.gif char103.gif char121.gif char121.gif
char49.gif char49.gif char67.gif char67.gif char85.gif char85.gif char104.gif char104.gif char122.gif char122.gif